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Scratch Night


Scratch Night

For one night, three groups of artists will put on three pieces of theatre that are in development. During the night the audience have a chance to give their feedback on what they think about each piece. Helping the artists understand how to shape and build their new work and improve their practice.

Saturday 22nd November

The scratch includes:

Fred & Barney

Alice Malseed

This is a new show which explores place and parties. It might get messy. Alice Malseed is a performance maker who has made and shown work widely across the UK. This is her Belfast debut.

The Deconstructed Coffee

Chris Grant

Taking some inspiration from a lady who orders a coffee in its individual parts from him in the café where he works, Chris would like to present to you his scratch experiment The Deconstructed Coffee

In Your Eyes

Megan Armitage

Who I am is who I think I am. Or is it who you tell me I am? What if I want to be someone else? This is an exploration of identity and what shapes it. What if you want to shed yours? And will the outside world allow you to?







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